The Cross Body Bag, We Wanted

What Does a Cross Body Bag even do?

We didn't understand what all the craze was about, yes, yes ... we're a little slow to the trend but we wanted to make something we would *genuinely* use and set off on creating something that was sleek, minimal and gave us a lot of room to work in functionality. 

This is going to be test for us, we're trying new product ideas while we design the newest collection, which is securely under wraps. 

But before we tout our own horn about this wonderful bag that our team has been using for over a week, here's the facts. 

Its Hand Made at our unit that's entirely run by women - so every time you place an order, we get to make it fresh, just for you.

The zippers are from YKK, the international benchmark for zippers. We've added a super functional Adjustable Strap with a Quick Release buckle. 

It can hold, a wallet, a phone, a charger & it's cable .... and not to mention your choice of audio device (either wired earphone or wireless ones) 

We've left the interior compartments under development to listen to your feedback and our own as well. 

To answer the first question, perhaps the most important - a Cross Body Bag solves the problems of over-stuffing pockets (for men) & not having pockets at all (for women) 

We hope you enjoy this product and drop your reviews; it will be out soon.


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