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Anugraha | October 2023

Anugraha | October 2023

Re-inventing my own home

Creating a refreshed look for my parent's home and answering some ergonomical questions while we're at it. 

With the introduction of rounded corners for the Central TV Unit to house the basics, while being a lovely thing to look at was a key point to note. 

This was also a design choice that reflected in the two-section shoe storage unit - with some lovely brass handles. 

The Living Area, with the addition of Printed Cushioned Vintage Styled Seaters with Athangudi Tile highlights the marriage between Traditional, Functional and Comfort. 

The Bookshelf, with both my parents being avid readers and people who love leaving thing on the counter to grab and go - we created a beautiful ledge, with lighting with the addition of cupboard doors with hand printed material, encased in glass.

To break the monotony while adding some color. 

The Bedroom, a large space with just one window needed some light, and so there was light with Cove Lighting and even more so in the walk-in wardrobe as well. 

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